Concerts in Armenia

Music is an international language that needs no translation.

The “D’Black Blues Orchestra” is a blues orchestra uniting outstanding and extremely talented performers from five countries: Russia, USA, France, Switzerland and Spain. The artists perform in those countries and before such audience, who treat the genuine music of this group not just as a concert rather as an energy source and an opportunity to fill life with new meaning.
Evgeny Margulis, bluesman (Russia): “I like the “D’Black Blues Orchestra”. They are a good team. I’m always enjoying their concerts”
Caroline Pascaud Blandin, singer (Belgium): “I am glad to have an opportunity to work with the “D’Black Blues Orchestra” as this group has its own peculiar spirit. They are talented, highly professional and know a lot about music. If you want to work with someone in the musical industry you need to have a feeling for your colleagues, get on with them, catch the rhythm. And the musicians of the “D’Black Blues Orchestra” are successful in all of this”
Anatoly Prisyazhnyuk, head of the Kiev regional state administration (Ukraine): “The “D’Black Blues Orchestra” has presented a highly skillful performance to the public. We are looking forward to meet the musicians again”
Aleksandr Revzin, show director, winner of professional awards (Russia): “If an artist is talented, everything he does is interesting. I really enjoy working with the “D’Black Blues Orchestra”. And this is good because this is worth living for”
The history of the group goes 13 years back. Vladimir Avetissyan, the soloist and leader, explains his love for blues in the following way: “Blues is authentic and deep-rooted. It is identical to life. However, there is a trait characteristic of only blues, it is denial of mediocrity. As in Shakespeare’s masterpieces: everyone is either dead or it is a comedy where everyone is enjoying himself.
The “D’Black Blues Orchestra” has taken part in lots of performances supporting the most important European cultural events from the “Monaco Yacht Show” to the “Moscow Film Festival”.
The group has rich history and vast experience of participation in blues and jazz festivals of Russia and Europe. The musicians have had tours in Great Britain, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, China, the Baltic states, Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.
In Armenia the “D’Black Blues Orchestra” is going to perform the “Claptomania”, the sound and light show of the European level. The unique character of the show is obtained through the synthesis of various genres from traditional possibilities of the blues orchestra to the modern achievements of the entertainment industry.

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