Dear friends! Three days ago the world lost Dr. Gabs!

A friend, a magnificent musician, a wonderful person.

One day we’ll all leave this world. But, however, the pain of loss, the pain of everything what left unsaid is still with us. No one to come to, no one to embrace, no one to play and jam with. Everything is the same. But without you, Our Friend. And still there is the memory, it lives in us, revives your dazzling smile, your voice and your enchanting play, Gabriel. You were a gift both in music and in friendship. You’ll never come back, but it seems – the door opens allowing you to enter, and you sit at the piano with a familiar gesture and start “Georgia” in your voice with a tint of hoarseness in it. Life goes on. And we’ll come to the stage again. And you’ll be with us, as before. Invisible, in our hearts.

 With Love, “D`Black Blues Orchestra”

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