Inna Raxman

backing vocals

Rakhman Inna
I have been supposed to become a musician since my birth and I was called “a singer” by my parents and doctors as I cried so loudly in Maternity home. I stared going to music school when I was 5 years old. As a young jazz singer I took part in many musical contests and festivals such as “The Volga flows into my heart”, “Delfic Games”, “Jazz Collage” and others. In 2011 I became a semifinalist of the musical contest “New Wave” and I took part in the “Global stars project” in Los-Angeles (USA) where I was lucky to get acquainted with the brother of legendary musician and singer Michael Jackson and he shared his technique in teaching and singing and praised me for my wonderful singing.
After finishing school, I entered the University of Culture in St. Petersburg the faculty of Jazz Vocal and simultaneously I studied at Samara Technical University. My student’s life was excited and full of different music activities. I was a singer in a group “Twinkle music project”.
In 2017 I graduated from St. Petersburg University of Culture and came back to my native city – my home town Samara. And again I got a lucky chance and was invited to a brilliant band “D’Black Blues Orchestra”. All the musicians are highly-qualified and top people. Our leader is Vladimir Avetissian. He is just the kind of person who is very hard-working and devotes his life to music and his favourite activity. He is a brilliant musician and for us, he is an example to follow!
I wish all people to enjoy their favourite activities!
See you at our concerts of our band “D’Black Blues Orchestra”!
Yours, Inna Rakhman. 

Manager: Sergey Sorokin +7 (916) 408-30-30
Press: Kostrjukov Vladimir +7 (985) 998-97-92